Movie Review ..” Toilet..A Love Story”

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This movie by Akshaya Kumar is a well timed movie which is a must see as a new untouched subject has been given a truly artistic,real touch by The team and it explores rural side of India where people still prefer age old methods of relieving themselves.

Akshay and his team deseve full credit for the beautiful theme and the way subject has been dealt with.

New impetus to Swachh Bharat compaign, new approach and imaginative handling all aspects.Well made!


This world is a Big Jungle,Some follow the rules

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See everywhere…Rule flouters.Be it a petty clerk in a dingy corner or office in Matunga in Mumbai,RK puram in New Delhi or a village in Goa, or The President/Minister of a powerful country.All without exception break the rules and love it..They even brag about it.

Where does that leave us,small ,petty law abides? We just keep doing our own thing or follow other law beakers? Rightful answers we all know.Lets have ,then a consensus…WE WILL FOLLOW LAW,RULES ALL THE TIME,No matter What..

The inspiration behind”The Jungle Book Of Management”

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I remember the days my family will go out for bird watching ,on the terrace,on the backyard of our flat on Airport road,Vasco da gama, Goa,sipping tea and chatting.We had a variety of birds who flocked our roof and my wife and daughter keenly watched their habits.For example,a crow will lift some bread crumbs stealthily and park them somewhere in near visible hideout.This is one of the examples which inspired me to write this book.I owe a lot to my family who were instrumental in provoking me to write.  

e edition of “The jungle Book of Management”

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I am happy to announce that a revised e edition of this book has been published under the name “Of animal instincts,leadership styles and all that”.It is available on app dailyhunt.Happy reading….


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This poem needs to live so that people unlearn bureaucracy.

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I put together
a list
of my
satires on
which I
cross-referenced, tabled, indexed
and classified
to death.

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Fox type of managers are resourceful , unpredictable but manipulative

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Fox is a small wild animal from the dog family. These are shy & nervous animals & will eat berries etc.Eating habits are not important in this context. However, foxes are known to be of cunning & playful nature. They are creative; too. It is difficult to visualize a manager who is creative & cunning too. Any manager who is playful & entertains his colleagues without sacrificing his own interest will remind you of a Fox manager. He will be highly skilled & perform harder behind the scenes. They will move in or move out of situations causing order or confusion depending on the circumstances .Fox managers are agile & unpredictable. They are viewed as sly & cunning managers. Fox managers can always teach skills associated with people, human resource & so on. Such managers generally do not come to rash conclusions about people & seldom make hasty judgements.Fox managers are wise & potent. They listen closely to their inner voice, making them somewhat intuitive also.
Fox managers skills include cleverness, observational skills, stealth, camouflage, feminine touch, and courage, and invisibility, ability to explore/feel hidden & unseen aspects, persistence, gentleness, swiftness & wisdom. If such managers are handled carefully, they can turn to be reliable friends also. These managers can be safely branded as cunningly manipulative.