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Movie review..STREE

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Raj Kumar Rao, has been stated to have been underrated so far in his performances.Now it remains to be seen how this so called horror-comedy is going to help his career.

This film is full of absurdities..It might add to one s GK that ghost,even though they are negative energy bundles,BUT they do have real long hair which can can be cut at will.Good, the script writer did not tell us they go to beauty par lours regularly.

Whether Sraddha Kapur is real person or ghost, is left loose.THIS IS THE BIGGEST FOLLY.She comes and goes out as she pleases in different Avatars.

This movie is a waste of resources,talent,music and so forth.Yo simply can not take the excuse that all is fair in an imaginary movie.It needs to LOOK REALISTIC, even if it is a work of imagination.

Second,Makers of this movie should not have taken viewers for a great ride is if they have no IQ or whatever.



Movie Review ..” Toilet..A Love Story”

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This movie by Akshaya Kumar is a well timed movie which is a must see as a new untouched subject has been given a truly artistic,real touch by The team and it explores rural side of India where people still prefer age old methods of relieving themselves.

Akshay and his team deseve full credit for the beautiful theme and the way subject has been dealt with.

New impetus to Swachh Bharat compaign, new approach and imaginative handling all aspects.Well made!