Fox type of managers are resourceful , unpredictable but manipulative

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Fox is a small wild animal from the dog family. These are shy & nervous animals & will eat berries etc.Eating habits are not important in this context. However, foxes are known to be of cunning & playful nature. They are creative; too. It is difficult to visualize a manager who is creative & cunning too. Any manager who is playful & entertains his colleagues without sacrificing his own interest will remind you of a Fox manager. He will be highly skilled & perform harder behind the scenes. They will move in or move out of situations causing order or confusion depending on the circumstances .Fox managers are agile & unpredictable. They are viewed as sly & cunning managers. Fox managers can always teach skills associated with people, human resource & so on. Such managers generally do not come to rash conclusions about people & seldom make hasty judgements.Fox managers are wise & potent. They listen closely to their inner voice, making them somewhat intuitive also.
Fox managers skills include cleverness, observational skills, stealth, camouflage, feminine touch, and courage, and invisibility, ability to explore/feel hidden & unseen aspects, persistence, gentleness, swiftness & wisdom. If such managers are handled carefully, they can turn to be reliable friends also. These managers can be safely branded as cunningly manipulative.


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