Month: January 2015

Fox type of managers are resourceful , unpredictable but manipulative

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Fox is a small wild animal from the dog family. These are shy & nervous animals & will eat berries etc.Eating habits are not important in this context. However, foxes are known to be of cunning & playful nature. They are creative; too. It is difficult to visualize a manager who is creative & cunning too. Any manager who is playful & entertains his colleagues without sacrificing his own interest will remind you of a Fox manager. He will be highly skilled & perform harder behind the scenes. They will move in or move out of situations causing order or confusion depending on the circumstances .Fox managers are agile & unpredictable. They are viewed as sly & cunning managers. Fox managers can always teach skills associated with people, human resource & so on. Such managers generally do not come to rash conclusions about people & seldom make hasty judgements.Fox managers are wise & potent. They listen closely to their inner voice, making them somewhat intuitive also.
Fox managers skills include cleverness, observational skills, stealth, camouflage, feminine touch, and courage, and invisibility, ability to explore/feel hidden & unseen aspects, persistence, gentleness, swiftness & wisdom. If such managers are handled carefully, they can turn to be reliable friends also. These managers can be safely branded as cunningly manipulative.


Movie Review “PK”

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The movie has aroused ire of some religious sections but I am sure they are ignorant of true value of this movie.
The movie is in fact a satire on most of “Dogma” in it Christianity,Hinduism or others.What we get after seeing this movie is certainly not anti religious feeling but against dogma, poor values which some religious leaders want the society to imbibe.
I wont say that all must see this movie…but if one wants to have a pragmatic. objective view of religion, one must go for this movie.Leave aside all pretensions outside and have an open mind to enjoy this movie.