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“GLORY GRABBERS /IDEA STEALERS (SUB GROUP: MANIPULATORS) Glory grabbers/Idea stealers are manipulators beyond all limits; they are credit snatchers whom the management world knows well. An idea stealer by definition is a person who presents or uses (someone else’s words or ideas) as one’s own. They take away our ideas, plans, drawings campaigns & what not to claim as their own. By fair and foul means, they steal other’s ideas, works, books and what not, and then claim them as their own. This gives them a boost in the eyes of higher management and peers. It is not important that such glory does not last long; it has catapulted them any way. Such glory grabbers, idea snatchers will have their likes in the animal kingdom. Royal Cuckoo & Peacock immediately come to mind, the latter because of the advertising skills owned by the species.”

Excerpt from my Jungle book of management, published by Broadways, Goa.


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